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The Cleaning program (Shramadanaya) of school premises

The Cleaning program (Shramadanaya) of school premises, before the 2nd term, was held yesterday (23rd Apr) with participation of old Nalandians caring about their Alma mater. The program was highly successful being able to clear a good number of tractor loads of solid waste. The program begun with the blessings of Ven. Bodhananda Thero and Ven. Sirisumana Thero. Mr. Thilak Waththuhewa the Principal of Nalanda College assuming duties just 5 days ago was seen actively involved in the program throughout the day. Along with him Deputy/Assistant Principals teachers and members of the non-academic staff was also helping with lot of energy and enthusiasm. Nalanda College OBA is thankful to all who helped making this program a great success.

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